The Project

No matter which political direction they are attributed to, European feature pages and contemporary philosophers seem to agree: Our current system has failed - be it political, financial or regarding the whole society. We need new ideas, new formations, a way out of the chaos.
Should we better enable democracy for everybody or give more power to a sovereign?
Should current financial and political systems be abolished, or do we simply need to punish those who find loopholes in the market?
Censorship, rigid structures and mechanisation - if one searches for an enemy, it is never hard to find such a one. But where to find a solution?
Are our surroundings too smooth or too striated, too disciplined or yet out of control?

Artists, however, have been busy with these issues all along. Nevertheless, the art world is trapped in exploiting mechanisms and rigidity just as well. Hierarchical systems, gate keepers and top dogs maintain structures directing who displays and who doesn't. Yet, wherever hierarchies exist, those who criticise them are not far.
For Finding a New Order we asked different artists and writers to reflect on existing structures or search for new ones. 13 artists followed our invitation and produced artworks or texts for this project. The contributions are published on this website, in a magazine and will finally be presented at an exhibition. The artworks are not restricted to large socio-political topics, perhaps small alterations can change the big picture even better after all.

The realization of the project itself is an attempt to find a new order for displaying art and breaking up the above mentioned rules of the art system. Likewise we also turned around the succession in which the different media appear: first the publication, afterwards the website, and only last the exhibition. In this way the publication does not serve as mere documentation but functions as central starting point which finally leads to the three-dimensional display in an exhibition space.

All contributions presented on this webpage were either produced or adapted especially for Finding a New Order. We are deeply thankful to all artists who participated in this project!

Doris Prlic, Marlies Stoeger